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 -female doggy-sounds like beach- ASS mOTHERFUCKERS!!!

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Registratiedatum : 2010-04-28

PostSubject: -female doggy-sounds like beach- ASS mOTHERFUCKERS!!!   Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:52 pm

wtf tHAT'S ...WHAT THE screw!!!!

Where the screw is the forum Assholes???

screw -female doggy-sounds like beach-

I don't know what the screw happened to the forum?

This faeces,

I am even building a a lightning weapon,

But you assholes don't bother to write me.

I have some new faeces better than firearms or artillery known to faggot ass mankind!!!.

I am waiting to take the world,

Like a new D-Day except without jew holocaust mess ,
and to regain all Europe,
this time 10,000+ boys dying per day for a reason -female doggy-sounds like beach-!

Rule Britannia! pirat farao cheers Sleep affraid scratch king Cool
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-female doggy-sounds like beach- ASS mOTHERFUCKERS!!!
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